The California Geoportal provides easy and convenient ways to discover and share california geospatial data resources. It makes geographic data more accessible to the public by establishing key partnerships with federal state and regional agencies, counties, cities, tribal nations, academia and the private sector.

You can connect to the California Geoportal at this link:

This effort is lead through the California Technology Agency’s Geographic Information Systems Division and its Geographic Information Officer.

California’s GIS strategy contains four key points:

    Implement statewide policy which proliferates, sustains and encourages GIS innovation and use;
    Identify operational steps to develop the infrastructure, increase collaboration, and implement sound governance;
    Recommend GIS infrastructure consolidation through business driving information technology; and
    Align GIS data services and investment with enterprise architecture.


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Our most recent data added relates to all the interesting Ocean planning going on in Oregon. You can view an RSS feed of that data here.

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