PISCO logoPISCO provides access to the ecological and oceanographic data collected by PISCO through a web-based portal and data-specific applications. Search the data collections, access detailed documentation, and with a login, download PISCO’s archived data sets.

PISCO researchers collect biological, chemical, and physical data about ocean ecosystems in the nearshore portions of the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem. Data are archived and used to create summaries and graphics, in order to ensure that the data can be used and understood by a diverse audience of managers, policy makers, scientists and the general public.

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The PISCO data management program has simple goals: to provide a well-managed, long-term archive of the many data collections produced by the consortium and to make those data widely accessible. Because the ecosystem data are diverse in their content and structure, the program strives to produce detailed documentation (metadata) to assist researchers in interpretation and analysis.

Prior to uploading data to the PISCO data catalog, each lab quality-controls the data according to agreed-upon methods. This quality-control process provides the most consistent data possible. A data sharing policy guides us in the timely release of raw data. Data are also accessible via summary graphics, interactive maps, and custom reports. Three of the PISCO campuses maintain server systems and provide many computing services used by our researchers and collaborators.


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Our most recent data added relates to all the interesting Ocean planning going on in Oregon. You can view an RSS feed of that data here.

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