The Topographic and Bathymetric Data Inventory displays the best-available topographic and bathymetric data for the United States. It includes information from two inventories, one conducted by the NOAA Coastal Services Center and one by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The NOAA inventory includes both topographic and bathymetric data and covers the coastal areas of the nation. This inventory represents data sets found during an exhaustive search for elevation data and portrays a snapshot in time of the elevation resources for a region. The FEMA inventory includes topographic data and covers the entire nation, including Puerto Rico.

This effort was conducted January through June 2010 to support FEMA’s internal planning. It focused primarily on the large data sets available for an area and was not intended to be comprehensive. The inventories can be used to not only locate the data needed when developing elevation models, but also to discover where data gaps exist. The data sets and data quality information found in these inventories are critical components of efforts to address issues related to flooding, beach nourishment, and erosion.

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  • Displays the FEMA and NOAA Elevation Inventories
  • Includes both topographic and bathymetric data and covers the entire nation
  • Allows users to query by county or zoom to an area of interest and print a report

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