NOAA’s Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (CMSP) Data Registry is a collection of Web-accessible NOAA geospatial data deemed essential for local, regional, or national-level CMSP processes. Registry data sets are provided in a variety of formats accessible for download, and many can be easily previewed.

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Collecting data to support coastal and marine spatial planning at a national scale is a monumental undertaking involving countless partners contributing information over many years.  The President’s Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force calls for a national information system to address this need in its Final Recommendations Framework on Effective Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning.

“A robust national information management system dedicated to coastal and marine scientific data and information products is required to meet the diverse data and application requirements of CMSP, and the varying technical capabilities of users.”

Prior to the formation of a national information system, there are many data sources available where spatial information useful in coastal and marine spatial planning can be found. The NOAA CMSP Data Registry is one such source.


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