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About the Elks Sandy Shore

Here identified as the Elks littoral cell, this sandy 7.5 mile segment of Oregon's coastal shoreline extends from mileage Cape Blanco to Port Orford Heads. It is associated with the Elk river mouth(s) and accompanying Elk River Estuary.

The Elks sandy shore lies within Curry County and makes up the shoreline fronting the communities of . It consists of Bluff Backed shoreline. Of this shoreline approximately 37.3% is urban and 33.3% is park. An unknown percentage of this stretch of sandy shoreline is hardened with shore protection structures. Predominant land uses include those typical of ruralsettings.

Chronic coastal hazards for the Elks sandy shore include landsliding and sloughing. Catastrophic hazards include earthquakes, and the groundshaking, subsidence, landsliding, liquefaction, and tsunami that accompany them.

Key recreational facilities and cultural features include: Cape Blanco State Park and .

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