Marine Traffic Information off the Oregon Coast

logoThe Department of Product and Systems Engineering Design at the University of the Aegean (Greece) has developed an interesting service called MarineTraffic. The system provides information about the current geographical positions of ships. The information on ship position and identity originate directly from the ships themselves, which transmit this information through public radio frequencies using the 'Automatic Identification System' (AIS). Click on a ship icon to learn more about each ship!

The MarineTraffic information is not perfect for a variety of reasons, and ship positions may be up to one hour old or incomplete.  The University of the Aegean has important disclaimer information on its website which you should read to fully understand the information presented. That said, the information is interesting for ship-watchers or anyone curious about the types of marine traffic that occur off of the Oregon coast on any given day. Keep in mind that the ship data is provided for informational purposes only and is not related by any means to the safety of navigation.


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Our most recent data added relates to all the interesting Ocean planning going on in Oregon. You can view an RSS feed of that data here.

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