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The Oregon Beach Monitoring Program (OBMP) monitors selected Oregon coastal recreation waters for the presence of fecal bacteria, and reports elevated levels to the public. The OBMP is funded by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, is administered by the Department of Human Services and collaborates with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, and the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

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Choose your beach from the list above. When you click "Submit" you will get a summary sheet showing the latest results for all the water quality testing stations on your beach.

Testing Stations are visited weekly during the summer, and every other week during the winter. Please note the date in the table that shows when each station was last sampled, as some stations are no longer visited.

From the Summary sheet for your beach, you can get the full history of a particular testing station, just click on the specific Station number in the table.

For more information about the Oregon Beach Monitoring Program, contact 971-673-0431 or visit: http://www.healthoregon.org/beach


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