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About the Coquille Point and Rocks Rocky Shore Area

1.1 miles of shoreline and offshore rocks adjacent to Coquille Point (including Table Rock, Coquille Point Rocks, Cat and Kittens Rock, Face Rock, and several unnamed rocks) just south of the Bandon (Coquille River) lighthouse in Coos County, Oregon.
The beaches and rocky shores of Oregon are part of Oregon’s Ocean Shore Recreation Area and the offshore rocks and islands are part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge.
Key Resources
Nine species of seabirds use some 13 colony sites with over 30,000 birds total (common murre, pelagic and Brandt's cormorant, pigeon guillemot, western gull, rhinoceros auklet, Leaches storm petrel, black oystercatcher); Aleutian Canada goose and brown pelican, harbor seal haulouts and pupping areas; rocky intertidal habitat.
  What can you do here?
Recreational use of the adjacent beach is very high. With the exception of Cat and Kittens rocks, there is little boat traffic near the offshore rocks because they are either in or very near the surf most of the time.

Educational Opportunities
Shoreline Education for Awareness (SEA) provides seasonal educational information during the summer months (at Coquille Point) and the USFWS viewpoint has a wide array of interpretive panels along a short nature walk trail.

Getting to the Rocky shore at Coquille Point and Rocks

Some rocks in the refuge area are adjacent to the ocean beach at Bandon and are accessible from the beach at low tide. Most rocks, however, are beyond the surf and accessible only by boat (although this is illegal). The site is accessible from many locations along the beach at Bandon, which is reached by taking the scenic beach loop off of HWY 101. Primary access is from either the USFWS viewpoint on Coquille Point or the OPRD Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint to the south. Other public access points in the area include China Creek and Devil’s Kitchen waysides. Access to offshore rocks and islands is prohibited as they are part of the Oregon Islands NWR and are important habitat for seabirds and marine mammals.

Public Access Option 1 for Coquille Point and Rocks Rocky Shore
Public Access Option 2 for Coquille Point and Rocks Rocky Shore

Who Owns this Site?
Submerged and submersible (intertidal) lands: Division of State Lands; rocks above MHW not connected to land at high tide: US Fish and Wildlife Service; adjacent beach: Oregon Parks and Recreation Department; adjacent upland: mix of private, county, city, State Parks, and US Fish and Wildlife Service.
  Who Manages this Site?
Rocks are managed as part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge; the beach is managed as part of the ocean shore recreational area. A portion of the area is managed as Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint (OPRD) and Coquille Point is a managed as a USFWS viewpoint, also a part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Face Rock is part of OPRD Area 4 and is in the Bullards Beach Management Unit. Oregon Parks and Recreation Department manages the ocean shore recreation area.

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Information compiled by Laurel Hillmann, NOAA Coastal Management Fellow, OPRD

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