The Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center (PO.DAAC) is the NASA data center responsible for archiving and distributing data relevant to the physical state of the ocean.  The PO.DAAC Ocean ESIP Tool (POET) provides interactive, on-line subsetting and visualization of many of PO.DAAC's data products. Viewing options include: latitude-longitude maps, animations, time series plots, and space-time profiles.

Format options include: GIS (GeoTIFF, ArcGrid), image (GIF, PNG, JPG), scientific (HDF, NetCDF), and raw (binary, ASCII). This graphical user interface was developed by Ocean ESIP (Earth Science Information Partner). Most of the data products available at PO.DAAC were obtained from Earth observing satellites and are primarily intended for use in scientific research.

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PO.DAAC is an element of the Earth Observing System Data Information System (EOSDIS). PO.DAAC's primary responsibility is to provide distribution and archive support for NASA's physical oceanography missions such as TOPEX/Poseidon and SeaWinds on QuikSCAT. However, PO.DAAC additionally collaborates with other institutes to acquire complementary data products and value-added services.

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