Giovanni is a Web-based application developed by the Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center that provides a simple and intuitive way to visualize, analyze, and access vast amounts of Earth science remote sensing data without having to download the data. Giovanni is an acronym for the Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center Interactive Online Visualization ANd aNalysis Infrastructure.

Who Uses Giovanni?
  • Modelers (e.g., model verification)
  • Researchers/climatologists (e.g., global or regional trends)
  • Application users (e.g., near-real-time data access)
  • Policy makers (e.g., decision support, resource management)
  • Teachers and students (e.g., hands-on classroom projects)
  • Proposal writers needing justifications for research (e.g., prototyping results and imagery)




Giovanni Is Science Oriented

Giovanni development is driven by a team of dedicated scientists with many years of experience in multiple disciplines. This ensures that Giovanni always addresses the real-world needs of the science community.

  • Ask "what if" questions about data and obtain initial results by exploring data.
  • Investigate spatial and temporal characteristics of data products and their relationships.
  • Investigate uncertainty in measurements by intercomparing data from multiple sensors and algorithms.
  • Obtain customized data for further analysis and intercomparison.
  • Easily regenerate, share, and verify results with peers.



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Recent Data

Our most recent data added relates to all the interesting Ocean planning going on in Oregon. You can view an RSS feed of that data here.

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